D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: D700 - David I have exactly the same problem

I shoot weddings and at this point I would be more inclined to replace a shutter in my D700 than purchase any new offerings from Nikon, except maybe the D4, but that is a really expensive body with modest gains over a used D3 for $2000-2500 IMHO.

I took a look at most of the files for the weddings I shot, including the ones with poorly lit churches and I seldom went above ISO 3200.  90% of the time I was at ISO 1250 or less.  Outside, ISO 400-800.  Family formals and portraits I used off-camera flash at ISO 400-640.  Reception was off-camera flash or speed light, again ISO 800-1250.

So, why would I need to go for anything newer for ISO gain?  12mp is plenty for 99% of us.  Clean files up to 3200, and 6400 with care, is more than we need forever really.

I believe we reached a point where updating camera bodies is more about chasing technology.  You can get a used D3/D700 (even a D3s) for bargain prices...many with low shutter counts.

I do like my D600 for being small and video...mostly for personal family stuff.

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