D4s vs D4 high ISO comparison with Zeiss 55/1.4 Otus @ f/4

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Too many variables changed

onasj wrote:

I had the opportunity to test both a D4s and a D4 together. Here is a side-by-side comparison of their high ISO performance using the world's best DSLR lens (believe the hype), the Zeiss Otus 55 mm f/1.4. I carefully AF fine tuned both cameras with this lens using Lens Align II, then shot the same object, an extraordinarily finely carved vessel, at f/4, the aperture at which the Otus is sharpest in the center.

All the attached files are 100% enlargement screen captures in ViewNX2 of the unprocessed 14-bit RAW files (NEFs).

I hope this comparison is interesting and useful to people. Frankly, I was surprised after seeing Alain's Df vs D4s comparison and did not expect such a significant difference in high ISO performance. Part of that difference could be simply because the Df has (supposedly) better low-light performance than the D4, but I doubt that's the entire story here.



unfortunately, too many variables changed between images - and Nikon has often changed the amount of noise reduction that is applied between cameras, in their View NX2 and Capture NX2 software -

I know it is a lot of work to post these kind of test and it is appreciated,

what would be truly useful is two raw images at the same ISO, shutter speed, and aperture.

so no auto ISO

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