Needed an every day camera..

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Re: Needed an every day camera..

M5s wrote:

hi folks!
good night\morning\noon.. where ever you are :).
I need some help.
I currently own a Nikon D7000.
I love it it's great.
But it's a bit too big , and too heavy to carry around all the time.
So what I want is a recommendation for a small , high quality
fun to use little camera.
I thought of some mirrorless models, and some compact, that fit to my current budget:
SAMSUNG NX1000 (all with kit lenses)

and compact:
Fujifilm X-F1
Canon S110
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7
I know most of them are a year or 2 (maybe even 2-3) on the market. and there are newer versions. but I am not looking for the latest , top of the line , state of the art tech here , nor do I look for a replacement for my DSLR.
I just want something nice for everyday use that I can take with me wherever I go..
Thanks in advance , and have a great day

You have two options

1. Use a good cell phone camera. I have shot tens of thousand photos using cell phones for documenting construction at sites. Currently my 5MP Nokia is more than enough for details of work done - rebar, site condition, as well as for road constructions.

2. Get a basic DSLR, I am getting the Nikon D3300 with its kit lense. That is as good walk around camera as it gets, and it is pretty cheap - around US $525/ in India from online retailers.

Price wise the D3300 will beat most of the mirror less and compacts, and the best part is that you can use all the Nikon DSLR lenses you have. Plus it will act as a second body to your D7000.

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