D610 and D800 Build Quality vs D300

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Re: D610 and D800 Build Quality vs D300

Alright, you guys are starting to make me feel better about this. Now, what about shooting the D800 in DX mode for sports? I find it interesting that the D610 gives you roughly a 10MP image in DX mode and the D800 gives you a 16 MP image. As I said, I think Nikon feels they've already given us cameras that are all around what we want out of a D400 while giving us FX also. I understand the fps are not quite what most D300 users want, but honestly, I don't shoot in burst mode that often. I prefer to try and time my shot to get the perfect moment. Even if I'm shooting in burst mode, you develop a sense of timing for your cameras capability so you get that 2 to 4 shot sequence you are seeking. Admittedly, it does make it impossible to get some situations, like a pitchers pitching motion, if your fps is not high enough. But, as I've said, I like timing for a shot or two, so I can live with the DX fps of these cameras. I don't want to lose the reach though... so, could you shoot football at night under the stadium lights with a D800 in DX mode and get appreciably better results? I think I know the answer but I would like to hear from any of you that have.

Shoot in FX mode and crop in post, it give you more freedom in term of framing.

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