Olympus OM-D E-M10 or Sony A6000?

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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M10 or Sony A6000?

Jkim7 wrote:

Hey guys,

I'm trying to decide between these two mirror less cameras that have recently been announced. I'll be buying the camera mid-april and I was wondering which camera you guys would buy. I'm a beginner photographer so I thought I'd ask reddit.

It is very hard to tell what camera is best for you Both cameras will be capable of taking great pictures. One thing you have to remember : you take the picture, not the camera. When you are a beginner there is a lot ore to learn then only to use your camera, things that are way more important then a hardly noticable better IQ. Best thing is: go to a shop, try both cameras and go for the one you like the handling best. There are a few things you must closely look at:

EVF: is it comfortabe, do you like the position, how are the colors and the sharpness (adjust the EVF focus to your eye)

Grip: do you like the grip, is it comfortable etc.

Placement of the dials and buttons: are they in the right place for you, do they feel right to you  etc.

Menu: go in the menu of the camera and try it out.

LCD: is it easy to move the LCD up or down, look the colors and sharpness good, etc.

Try all this on a real xamera, don't try to read it from soecs or other users. Specs don't tell everything and others have different hands, needs and expectations....

oth seem to be at the exact same price point. The A6000 seems to have better specs while I guess the M43 system has more lens? I heard that E mount has enough lens and a wide variety also that there will be everything I need at similar prices to M43 lens, with similar quality.

When you allready knows what lenses you want or need then it is wise to build your system on paper and look what the total system will cost. Remember that you have to pay twice the price for a10% better IQ  when buying a lens... For both systems are good lenses, but for the M43 more lenses. This is only important when that system has the lens you want and the othersystem not.

successand have fun!

Thank you!!

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