Best camera for fell walking, landscapes et seq

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Re: Best camera for fell walking, landscapes et seq

jontygee wrote:

I am a newbie and need some advice please about what is the best camera to get. I am a keen fell walker and want a camera that is portable, is a point and shoot, not one where I have to change lenses, has a good zoom for those far off snaps of peaks et seq, and one that can take wide landscapes, and is good in low light and night time.

You don't say how high a priority photography is.  That is really important, both in terms of weight and in terms of money, because there are no free lunches.  You must prioritise your requests and the compromises you are willing to make.  However, my two cents worth is as follows.

(1) For good low light performance you need a bigger sensor.  Every increase in sensor size will improve low light performance, although whether each increase will produce an improvement you can see depends on how low the light is and how critical you are.

(2) You do not have to change lenses just because your camera has interchangeable lenses.  There is no important advantage to a fixed lens compared to a camera with an interchangeable lens you never change.  Expanding your search to interchangeable lens cameras would make it much easier to meet your other requirements.

(3) There are no free lunches especially in lenses, and wide zoom ranges carry severe penalties in lens performance.  The narrower the zoom range you content yourself with the better your pictures will be.  IMO, if you want a bigger range than 24ish-85ish (equivalent) you really do have to reconsider the desire to avoid changing lenses.

(4) How much abuse is the camera going to get?  Build quality = weight and cost.

If photography is a priority but your weight budget is very tight, there are any number of mirrorless cameras with decent zooms in the right range (the Nikon V2 with the 10-30 kit zoom, eg).  If the weight budget is a bit less tight the Olympus OM-D series is a very popular choice for serious wilderness photographers.

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