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ZX11 wrote:

There are lots of stories about special gear (in the person's mind) inspiring someone to achieve beyond what is typical. Even when the gear really didn't help in hind sight. Didn't Dumbo have a special feather?

Therefore, I think there is some truth in it.

My favorites include:

The one about the guy who married a very plain woman of low self worth in a island culture. This culture was set up so the groom would pay the bride's parents. The guy discussed women's tendency to gossip with his male friends over a meal at his house. He hosted the friends as they traveled through the area. He hadn't seen them for a long time. The men were served by a gorgeous, graceful woman while they talked. The guy noted how women would brag about how much their husbands paid to win their hand in marriage. He paid a fortune to his wife's parents even though they expected very little money for such a homely girl. Normally, grooms would haggle the cost down. But this guy did the reverse. His friends knew of the girl and asked where she was. The guy then introduced the gorgeous woman serving them, who was the girl. Moral was something about her rising to match the self worth the husband had helped give her. Sure the story is sexist but it is a good story from the old days.

Another had a radio control airplane modeler who crashed his planes regularly and flew poorly. Until he acquired the radio control of a famous flyer. The control was special enough that he worked harder on his planes set up and had the confidence to fly more often. And was therefore more successful.

The mind and how it thinks is a funny thing.

I remember many, many years ago I had this discussion about whether or not money matters. I said that if you go to a country fair and have 1.000,00 and then get a saussage and a beer, where more expensive stuff was on offer too makes you more credible when you try to explain that this is exactly what you like. As opposed to the guy who only had 6.80 on him and get a sausage and a beer, costing him 6.80 and he claims that this was exactly what he wanted.

This might be true, but fact is that the guy with the 1.000,00 on him had a choice. Regarding gear ... same thing really in a different suit. Debatable, but why not have a debate about it?


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