extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

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Re: extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

joger wrote:

cs that support 4k (aka UHD):
  • Mac PRO late 2013 at 60 Hz and 10 bit per RGB color via DP and 30 Hz via HDMI
  • retina Mac Book Pro 13 and 15 inch late 2013 at 30 Hz on mDP and HDMI

The TN panels are a bit of a caveat for quality fetishists not offering the utmost image quality like IPS or IGOZ and a rather small color space of sRGB equivalent.

Not sure TN panels are such a good thing if photography is the main use. Maybe TN panels are better now, but a friend had one and the viewing angles were brutal and the colors never looked good even straight on.

Also you can get more than the Macs listed above to drive UHD. I have my 2012 Mac Mini driving my IPS wide gamut UHD Dell UP2414Q over mDP at 3140x2160x30p and it's awesome. Got the Dell UP2414Q for $1000 during a sale.

Some personal remarks:

That said at the given price point I am personally willing to buy an intermediate 4k display and sell it as soon as an affordable wide gamut 4k display appears.

For 799.- USD list price and a possible strew price of maybe 700 USD and equivalent 800 EUR (remember the tax in Europe) it is IMHO a no-brainier if you happen to have a MAC PRO.

The first reviewers stated that the image quality of the Lenovo is stunning. 28 inch seems to be just the right size being able to roughly match at a normal viewing distance the resolution of the human eye. The TN panels are optimized and the viewing angle seems to be larger then previous generations. 10 bit support is great for calibration purposes preventing from posterization effects.

The GPUs in the new Mac PRO support 10 bit / RGB color (differing from the consumer gaming GPUs that are often compared as similar) and I would not wonder if the OS 10.9.x will support 30 bit soon or in Summer 2014 maybe 10.10 will fully support it - my guess is it will be included in one of the next OS maintenance releases.

I am looking forward to the first in depth reviews and I hope I will get my new Mac PRO together with a 4k display - and who knows - maybe Apple is doing a nice 28 inch Cinema Display as well?

Let me know your thoughts

Maybe these new TN are better. I thought some early reviewers were slamming some of these for pic quality, but then you point to some that praise them. Not sure what to say.

UHD is pretty awesome though.

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