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Re: Do you look at the gear, or the photographs?

Gary Martin wrote:

Photography (IMO) is not just about the end product, it's also about the process. And the process is arguably more enjoyable if you like your gear. And if you are really passionate about photography, you might also have a love of nice cameras and fine optics. So I think this debate is based on a false premise. Again, just my humble opinion ;P

Hi Gary,

I agree, it is nice to like your gear, to like the visual characteristics it can create in your images. I know that going from a prosumer camera to a dslr I really liked the smooth and creamy images the new camera produced, the quality of my output was immediately improved.

However, that achieved, I have since then been more interested in improving my skills of composition and the like, my gear is good enough, now my eye has to improve to match.


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