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Is this a light leak or something else?

I took these images on the inside of an old observatory where it was very dim.  I liked the colors under this dome.  When looking at them I see white along the left edge of the photo which really surprises me as I have seen nothing like it in all the other photos I have taken.  I don't want to raise the level of concern if it is easily explained, but I am at a loss for what happened.  The door on the left side of the camera was closed.  I have attached two different perspectives to show that both display the streak on the left side of image even though the camera was oriented in two different directions.  I used the 14 mm lens on my X-T1 and have a B&W NRC Nano XS-Pro UV filter on the lens.  I haven't had the opportunity to try to reproduce it.  These are jpgs OOC brought into Lightroom and exported as a smaller file without any edits.  Any thoughts as to whether this is some kind of light leak or something else?

Mike Hedge

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