Having trouble picking 2nd camera. Considering D800. Need advice.

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Re: Having trouble picking 2nd camera. Considering D800. Need advice.

You have a surplus of money and a deficit of business experience. A D700 is all that is needed for studio portrait photography and even the D610 is overkill in every respect.

Pro photographers have been selling gallery prints at sizes of 20x30 inches and larger that were taken with the D1h and the D1x cameras. The D700 increase the resolution of the D1x by 50% and the D610 increases the resolution over the D3/D700 cameras by another 50%.

Resolution is overrated unless you are doing landscape photographs and making the kind of prints that formerly were done with 4x5 cameras. Then the D800 is a good choice.

With the D4 your gained 10fps which is worthless for studio portrait photography or any kind of people photography. Same applies to the heavy duty build and weatherproofing. It is like getting a 2-ton truck to haul your 80 lb. Labrador retriever around town.

People that actually have to earn a living with portrait photography do not waste money on cameras and lenses. One camera and one or two lenses is all that is needed. The focus should be on lighting equipment and backgrounds and on technique and especially on how to operate and market the business service you plan to provide. For the later the best source for information is the Professional Photographer Association or PPA that is oriented toward portrait and wedding photographers with most of the emphasis on the portrait photographer earning a living with individual, family, and seniors photography.

At this time you do not know what you do not know and that is where you should start and forget about the cameras which are only a tool and a means to an end.

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