At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

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Re: At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

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What is the max size of D700 print out that will still show the same quality as that of D600, assuming the same dpi is used in printing the photo.


The D600 has a weaker low pass filter so pixel per pixel compared to the D700 the D600 will have better acutance.

In terms of print size, the differences begin to show at not much larger than 8x10. Some will argue that you can go a lot larger on the D700, and of course you can, but 8x10 and larger is when you start seeing sharpness differences if you stick your nose in the print.

Whether the differences are meaningful or not depends on viewing distance, lighting, one's eyesight, and ultimately the person viewing the image. Photographers with a trained eye and high visual acuity will be able to see differences that other casual viewers won't be able to see, so there's really no universal answer to your question.

I assume by "quality" you are referring to sharpness but that's only one parameter and not necessarily the most important one. The newer sensor in the D600 has much better dynamic range and colour fidelity than the D700 sensor, and if you take these into consideration as quality parameters then the D600 will show better quality than the D700 in any print size.

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