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Re: More pixels?

golf1982 wrote:

Now we have 16, 24 and 36mp models, it seems that at these levels we have almost everyones needs covered. though this was also said by some at 6 and 12 mp. I just wondered if there are many people who feel they would benefit from more than 24 and 36 in an upgrade, and as these MP numbers keep on rising, or will they plateau, a bit like intel's MHZ bumps,

I have DSLRs ranging from 2.6mp to 24mp. I was so excited with that 2.6mp camera and fitted my needs well then!! Display on SVGA monitor and printing 4x6.

24mp is good enough for me now. Although I appreciate higher resolution, it has never been the limiting factor in my photographic skill.

Perhaps the other question to ask is "in a few years you will be able to find a new DSLR at 24mp or less?"

How many DSLRs have been introduced in the past 12 months with 10mp resolution?

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