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Re: X-E1

+1 I'm another recent X-E1 switcher and the camera is really interesting and effective. My old one was just a Rebel 450D so there's no real competition, but the X-E1 blows the NEX 6 I briefly owned out of the water in terms of ergonomics and thoughtfulness in the UI.

There are still a bunch of things that it seems crazy they haven't improved but on the other hand I find the features added by firmware updates to be invaluable (particularly the focus peaking which I use constantly and the min shutter/max ISO options).

Biggest beefs:

  • Why can't I turn on focus peaking while in AF mode to quickly confirm focus?
  • Why can't I use the command-dial-zoom in AF mode to carefully confirm focus?
  • Why can't I use the AF button to select AF mode now that the down arrow selects AF point?
  • Why does the histogram dissappear when you've locked AE (when you need it most to confirm AE did a good job)?
  • Why does focus peaking do the same thing when you lock AE in manual focus mode?
  • Why can't I continue tuning manual focus after locking AE in manual focus mode? (obviously this works with old manual lenses, and it's SUPER useful, kills me that I can't do the same with native lenses).

Seems like a long list but each item is small, and to some degree I could answer each of them with a reasonable (though not convincing) explanation, unlike my issues with the NEX which just drove me nuts and made me lose faith in Sony as interface designers.

Anyway, lets all take great pics with these marvels and hope Fuji keeps giving us firmware improvements

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