D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

ChapelThrill23 wrote:

"As for wifi...it's a standard that is always changing. It doesn't make sense to put current wifi into a pro camera that could be used for 10-15 years."

I'm not sure if I buy these excuses. Do people really use cameras for 10-15 years in the digital era? I really doubt many will be using these things four or five generations of camera from now. In terms of the wifi standards changing. That is true to some extent but things tend to be backwards comptable. Devices of mine that are about a decade old still work fine with new wireless networks. They might not be able to work at the speed a new router is capable of but they still work just fine. Certatinly I'd expect a new camera's wifi system to be comptable with what we will be using 3-5 years from now at minimum.

wifi is so ubiquitous now Backwards comparability will remain. sadly the real reason is that nikon can overcharge for a terrible solution to something that should be integrated.

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