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Re: 3,000,000,000,000

Allan Olesen wrote:

altair8800 wrote:

falconeyes wrote:

or about three trillion, that's about the max. number photons hitting a full frame sensor before it clips at iso 100.

Therefore, ten trillion would make for a nice pixel count, each pixel being either 0 or 1, the true binary sensor.

Any pixel count smaller than that: a compromise

I like that resolution. Great for cropping, but may be a bit short on dynamic range.

If each sensor pixel with certainty could tell if it was hit by a photon or not, this sensor would have much better dynamic range than today's sensors.

If you don't agree, try to answer this question:

Which information from the incoming light was lost by the sensor?

If nothing was lost (and no false information added), how can the sensor be a bottleneck for dynamic range?

I said " Great for cropping". I was thinking of cropping to 100Mp so my 50mm lens would have a FOV of a really, really long lens. The "true binary sensor" is short on dynamic range. You could separate the 100Mp into 100 groups and count the photons, but I want more than 1Mp and more dynamic range than that. If you separate the full sensor into 36 million groups and count the photons in each, you may come out ahead of what we have now. By the time that math is done, the bird is miles away. Photon size microlenses will be a problem, so you could be worse off than before, unless connecting circuitry is under gapless photodiodes.

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