D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Still lacks wifi and gps. Basic and features found on years old hundred quid compacts!!!! It concerns me how nikon Just doesn't get it. please can someone tell nikon it is no longer 2005

Plenty of connectivity options exist for top-tier pro cameras. Professional photographers have been sending digital image files by wire and wireless for a number of years now. Nikon has marketed wireless file transmitters for these cameras, at least since the D2-series.

a wifi dongle is totally unacceptable in 2014. It should have been unacceptable 5years ago on any Dslr let alone the nikon flagship.

LOL a dongle can actually be better since it allows you to not only choose if you want to have wifi or not for a particular situation but also has the potential benefit of being able to buy the next, improved version of the dongle instead have having to buy a whole new camera to get the updates to the wifi.

you can turn wifi off. A dongle is costly, adds bulk to an already bulky camera and is liable to get knocked and damage it and the camera. It gets in the way ahen carrying and can be easily lost. it also exposes the port to the elements. All this and it has been built into my phone since 2007!!!

as for improvements have nikon ever updated the dongle?? Wifi dosent speed up that fast and older vertions are compatable.

If wifi were standard for dslr's people would also put more effort into designing inovitave companion apps that woukd do things most cannot invisige right now.

I cannot fathom why people try to defend nikon leavink a key feature off a camera of this cost so they can flog a vastly overpriced poor alternitive solution.

In technology companies have to inovate and keep up to stay relevent. Nikon should be on the cutting edge in this regard like they were with the digital switch. Its a shame because their bodies are generally excelent.

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