Mixing crop and full frame videos?

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Re: Mixing crop and full frame videos?

echolsphoto wrote:

I never shoot videos. This Sunday a friend is doing a Seager Tribute fundraiser for a local church.

So, I am the sound and video guy.... I have a portable recorder to take care of the sound part.

just to re-state what's already been posted... the portable recorder should have an audio output, that you should be able to plug into the a7r, so that you'll have duplicate audio tracks to work with in post.

i would suggest testing it all out beforehand, as much as you can.

with weddings, we used to start all video cameras right before the ceremony, and we'd look for an audio event to sync 'em up with later... that's why they shoot the slate clapping in movies.

when you are running around with the portable camera, start it up per the above, and just leave it running, even when you are walking around, and the camera is pointed at the ground... it'll be much easier to sync up in post.

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