Why no D800 M-RAW equivalent to Canon?

Started Mar 4, 2014 | Discussions thread
calson Veteran Member • Posts: 9,253
Why no 5:4 crop with Canon?

I shot wedding for two years with Canon cameras and most of my second photographers also shot with Canon cameras and we all shot RAW. There was no reason to use M-RAW for this purpose and at the time the CF cards were 8x the price they are now.

What seems to have escaped people's attention for the past 5 years is the value of the Nikon only 5:4 crop. I love this for group shots as I get a file that enlarges without cropping for an 8x10 print or a 16x20 print. I can do this as an action in Photoshop with my RAW group photos and create JPEGs for the lab.

What is odd is that although it was first provided by Nikon in 2008 with the D3 this crop has not been implemented by Canon nor is it even universal with Nikon's cameras. The D300 which was released after the D3 did not have this capability and not even the D700 provided this option. Go figure.

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