Connecting a D800E to a hard drive or SSD

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Re: Connecting a D800E to a hard drive or SSD

digital ed wrote:

Judy Stone wrote:

- I do recall that years ago there was a company that sold an external HD, self powered with internal AAA batteries and with its own built in OS and flash card slot. All you needed to do was insert the flash card and the unit would automatically transfer the pictures to the internal HD.

I actually have one of those type of drives. Sitting in a box in my garage. Much too slow for my D800 files. Did use it with my Oly E-1.

Mine was made by I/O Magic and came with its own power brick and a 20 G drive which I then replaced with a larger drive. Fits in a nice padded zipper case with room for the USB cable..

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I had one of those (I can't recall the brand) with around 20GB too. I only did a single picture transfer from my Oly xD card (files were fine in the xD card) to the unit, only to find out when I got home that all the files were lost due to corruption. I therefore never used it again as I lost trust in its reliability.

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