to sell a Nikon d800 for a d7100??

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Re: to sell a Nikon d800 for a d7100??

Chips Pringle wrote:

QUESTION - I own a DX d5200 and a FF d800. I have a few lenses for each and I realize I can use the FF lenses on my d5200. I'm considering selling my d800 and replacing it with a d7100, I would just have the two DX bodys. I know with good glass I will still get very good images from these two DX bodys, and I can use the money from selling the d800 to buy more glass, like maybe a f2.8 17-55 DX, or a f2.8 FF f4 70-200 VR lens. I had dreams of becoming a higher level of photographer than what reality is now showing me. I did shoot an outdoor wedding last fall with both my DX and FF bodies, but I could have easily gotten by with two DX bodes and good glass. I will be shooting for fun, shooting birds, nature, doing portraits for small money, smalll and not to expensive types of weddings, family shoots and whatever comes my way that isn't above my ability and knowledge. I did shoot dental office employees and those images made it to his web site, but that too could have been accomplished with DX. So far the things I've shot could have been accomplished with a d7100. I guess I can't justify me having a d800. Do you think I will be fine or regret selling a FF for a DX. This may seem like a STUPID question, but I am serious.

It sounds like you indeed can get by with a D7100 shooting what you shoot but don't kid yourself that you'll get an effective 24MP resolution image out to it unless you start using lenses like the Nikkor 85mm F1.4 or the 200mm F2.0. You might actually be better severed by going with a D610 instead of the D7100 because it's a lot more forgiving with regard to the quality level of the lens needed.

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