Mixing crop and full frame videos?

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Re: Mixing crop and full frame videos?

echolsphoto wrote:

I never shoot videos. This Sunday a friend is doing a Seager Tribute fundraiser for a local church.

So, I am the sound and video guy.... I have a portable recorder to take care of the sound part.

If I shoot some with the A7 full frame and some crop, will they fit together in editing?

Probably use imovie or what ever Adobe has in the cloud. Also might take the nex6 or A3000.

thanks for the help.

I am a novice at video but have used  the A7 for a few songs so far (all covers so not posting alas)and quite like it.

I will be mixing with a GX7 micro four thirds camera in future and think it may well be fine....video is the same size shutter speed and frame rate...I like 25p.

So far, I just put the A7 on a tripod and get all the band in focus with either a manual focus 24mm or 50mm fast prime stopped down (f4 or 5.6 depending on band and lighting and how far away I am)....set the shutter speed at 1/50 at 25P....let it run for a song without touching the camera and turn off after each song (let the band do the work)....use auto iso for changing light..works well.

Once I start intercutting I think I will still do the same with the A7 and just use the GX7 for short close up takes of individuals.

For sound the onboard mic is hit and miss....I have used the camera mic by itself  seems ok (I am not touching the camera so no "me" noise but easy to distort if not careful at setting levels (check during sound check at least).   Will also pick up the drunk sitting next to you VERY easily.

I have also used a Zoom H1 INTO the A7 and that is much better (less all round ambient drunks though still there if not careful).

The Zoom H1 works as a mic if turned on and mounted (but not recording on the Zoom)...and you can also record into it and the camera at the same time...what I have found best though  ..cameras sound was badly distorted last I tried this was.

its a lot of fun...so far...and I have a VERY steep learning curve ahead of me.

good luck.

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