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Re: Krugman and others :-)

krugman wrote:

c.hammett wrote:

HI Krugman -

As for colors, I keep it simple...On the G1X I use "custom color" in the "set" menu, and bump up sat. and contrast and sharpness one notch. That's it. I try to use auto W/B, but often change that as needed. I seldom do much PP on G1X images.

IHope this helps ???

Cheers - carolyn

Disaster! This is what I was afraid of, it confirms my worst fears. I use exactly the same settings.

The clear inference from this tragic revelation is that the enormous difference in the color, attractiveness and life, between your images and mine is that you have far greater visual innate talent and are far more experienced and perceptive. And as an art historian you understand what you are photographing

I would express this by quoting this old saying.

"Many people think the camera takes the picture.

Wiser people think the photographer takes the picture.

The wisest people know that the picture takes the photographer."

So, I think that art calls to you.




Your compliments are way too flattering! I think perhaps my choice of subjects with highly focused (or "tight")  imagery having a lot of color,  may be one difference you see in a lot of my pictures. I have spent many (don't ask!) years of looking at hundreds of thousands of slides of famous works of art when I was teaching art history, and also a slide curator, as well as untold hours in museums on our travels, has definitely influenced me.  I know it has made me a great admirer of how artists isolate subjects and distill them down to only the essentials. I love taking pictures in museums and art historical sites, not to have "my picture of the picture", but as you may have noticed in a lot of my Paris and Italy images, I enjoy seeing people reacting to art.

My Paris gallery (link below, which you may have looked at), was 100% G1X, but I also took my little SL! with 18-55 lens to Italy in October, and got some good shots with it as well, especially when fast response was important on grab shots.

I think the G1X is a bit better on color,and I love it in low light. Here are three galleries from Rome, Florence and Siena, (with some commentary below the images), from our most recent trip to Italy, when I used both cameras. I think Rome was mostly with the G1X, and there is a mix on the other galleries, with camera noted below the image. Have a look if you are interested, and thanks again for your nice words. I plan to be in Paris again in May and Italy in October, assuming all goes as planned, and those cameras will be with me again, as they are such fun to use !





Cheers... carolyn

Ranger a.k.a chammett

'elegance is simplicity'

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Ranger a.k.a chammett
'elegance is simplicity'

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