to sell a Nikon d800 for a d7100??

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Re: to sell a Nikon d800 for a d7100??

Chips Pringle wrote:

I had dreams of becoming a higher level of photographer than what reality is now showing me.

Have you given up on your dream?

I did shoot an outdoor wedding last fall with both my DX and FF bodies, but I could have easily gotten by with two DX bodes and good glass.

Are you willing to just get by?

I will be shooting for fun, shooting birds, nature, doing portraits for small money, smalll and not to expensive types of weddings, family shoots and whatever comes my way that isn't above my ability and knowledge.

The photographic technique required to get the most out of the D800 is at a much higher level than it is for lesser cameras. A FF 36MP chip has zero forgiveness for poor technique and does require the best possible glass. I certainly am not knocking the D5200 or the D7100, they are excellent pieces of equipment in the right hands and will do a fine job for many applications. But, it sounds to me like you are not ready and willing to accept the challenges of learning the requirements of using the D800. If that is the case I would recommend that you sell it.

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