Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

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Re: re: also missing (continuing the CONS list)

jpr2 wrote:

plasnu wrote:

I checked 6000 at Sony Store in Tokyo, and I can confirm that 6000 is the best E mount ever made. I don't think someone would choose 7 over 6000 even if they are the same price, but 6000 is actually cheaper.


1. Faster and too good to be true follow focus.

2. Much faster operation. Powers up much faster, too.

3. Better looking EVF than Nex 6/7, even it is lower resolution. No problem with eyeglasses.

4. Gapless micro lens should lower noise ratio.

5. Way better jpeg, I think.

6. Price.


1. Looks considerably cheaper than Nex 7. Unmistakably Plastic.

2. I could tell EVF is lower resolution.

3. No Tri Navi.

4. No Level (Confirmed).

5. still only 1/160 sec. flash sync;

6. which in conjunction with still no 1/8000 sec. minimal shutter speed is a bit tough to understand;

7. default 1/60 sec. which is automatically supplied by FW is way too long !!


I'll wait until the A6000 to arrive to do a comparison. A couple of Nikon 1 models still beat the A6000 in AF and tracking, in some respects. The biggest difference is the A6000's larger buffer.

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