to sell a Nikon d800 for a d7100??

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Re: to sell a Nikon d800 for a d7100?? My friend has done it.

bowman wrote:

My friend had a 7100 and a D800 until yesterday!

He is so impressed with the 7100 for wildlife and landscape that he sold me his D800.

I in turn sold another friend my mint D700, I sincerely hope we have all done what is the best for us, it may be different for you. I do admit to feeling a bit worried about the change as my D700 has been brilliant for five years.

John B

I have both. One for winter (D800 with a 500mmf4) and the other for the rest of the year with a 80-400afs. Mind you I am a bird photographer and light is so different in the UK in the winter . If I could only keep one it would be the D800.

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