What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

I have no nostalgia for old film cameras since I started taking pictures in the digital age and only graduated to DSLRs recently. Yet, I find myself inexplicably drawn to the X-series cameras.

What a lot of these older cameras did have were simplified, tactile controls that "got out of the way" of the photographer. Now, no doubt this was equal parts simplicity of the camera itself (need higher ISO? Change the film!) as well as ergonomic refinement. What Fuji has done though is to adapt some of these ergonomic refinements to a far more capable digital body. It could certainly improve further thanks to the staggering array of functions on digital cameras. However, I think they did a great job of bringing back the joy of photography.

Mind you, not everyone does it right. Both Olympus' OM-Ds and Nikon's Df have tried and while the former are at least functional, they do not truly succeed in channelling the same control ethos of the film era. The Df, on the other hand, is only retro looking for retro's sake. The control scheme is all over the place and often simply idiotic. Which is such a shame considering the sensor it's sporting and the huge range of Nikon glass.

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