Connecting a D800E to a hard drive or SSD

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Re: Connecting a D800E to a hard drive or SSD

CFynn wrote:

Judy Stone wrote:

It'd nice to be able to connect a hard drive or SSD to the D800E using the USB3 port (and some sort of USB3 to SATA cable) and then use the camera's menu to transfer the pictures from the flash card to the HD or SSD. That way I would just travel with a HD/SSD instead of the notebook. Does anyone know of any way to do this or similar solution? Thanks

How would you power the hard drive? The camera operating system would also need to be designed to mount external drives and probably a way of installing device drivers.

If you want portable storage why don't you just get a few extra high capacity SD & CF cards? Those would be smaller than an HD drive

-The hard drive or SSD could be powered via the D800E's USB3 port or if not possible then it doesn't hurt carrying a small AC/DC brick for the HD/SSD

- A firmware update would take care of the ability to mount external drives

- I'm talking of capacities over 512GB (up to maybe 4TB which is the current HD limit). Flash cards in this range are nonexistent and in the lower range are very expensive compared to an SSD or HD of similar capacity.

- I do recall that years ago there was a company that sold an external HD, self powered with internal AAA batteries and with its own built in OS and flash card slot. All you needed to do was insert the flash card and the unit would automatically transfer the pictures to the internal HD.

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