What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: Some styles are timeless

Marty4650 wrote:

Unlike technology, which is always guaranteed to improve as time passes... style is completely independent form science. A newer style isn't necessarily any better than a classic style, even though newer technology is always better than older technology is.

Ideally, we want things that have the latest technology combined with great styling. And while the technology is always newest, the styling doesn't have to be.

Some examples of new technology coupled with classic styling:

1963 Porsche 911

Definitely a choice example. I have one of these (a slightly later model) and it's an absolutely beautiful automobile. The tech in it doesn't even hold a candle to my modern daily driver, but it's so much fun to drive. Part of it, is that there's so much less between the driver and the road in one of these. No power steering and everything is analog. Interestingly enough, it gets decent mileage on the highway and being under 2000lbs and having 150HP, it has a decent amount of power.

If you made this same car with modern parts while still keeping true to the original design, we'd have something like the X100. Sure, it may have a digital readout on the dash and tire pressure sensors, but it would feel a lot like the original. It would be like having all the perks of a classic car without the headache.

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