What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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I come from the days of film. I just have trouble remembering which unmarked button I set for ISO which dial to turn for my aperture, or shutter speed. Sometimes I feel like navigating all of the menus is like trying to play a video game and I keep losing. I just want to look down at the camera and say, "Oh yeah that's right, the shutter speed is here and the ISO is there and the F-stop is right there on the lens where I left it. It makes shooting on the fly WAAAAYYYYY easier....IMO.

It's funny in a way. I prefer manual controls for their quick and intuitive access and use.
Some of the young people who have grown up with the iphone and other "smart" devices don't seem to know what a knob of dial is for or why it would be preferable to menu diving. We may be a dying breed.

Done correctly, a touchscreen app does not require menu diving to access the main control dials. For example, Windows Phone has a very good camera app.

Sorry, but I don't even know what half of that shot even means. I'll keep my dials as long as Fuji will keep making them.

White balance presets, Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed, and exposure compensation controls. Move them along the arc to adjust them.

I'm not saying I prefer a touchscreen camera, I prefer my physical dials, just pointing out that the idea that its either dials or a complex menu structure to change the basic camera parameters is incorrect.

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