Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: no disadvantage

bobbarber wrote:

You = don't get it.

For any two sensor sizes, the blur will be the same.

Yes: the same physical size on the sensor, e.g. 0.01mm of blur. (Assuming the same real-focal length and the same blur source.)

It's when you try to crop the sensor, and pretend that the crop has the same blur as the entire sensor, that you go wrong.

No, it's where I go right. Stop thinking about pixels and start thinking about physical sizes.

Absent perfect image stabilization, you don't get it. What would have been very minor blur, perhaps indistinguishable on a 16 Mp FF sensor, is now a huge problem.

It's always a huge problem. Try turning off the IS on a small sensor camera at max zoom (e.g. 70mm actual or 392mm equivalent.) Camera shake is a huge problem isn't it? At only 70mm. And if you have a FF sensor w/a 70mm lens yet crop to the same area, how does the shake situation change? (Hint it's essentially the the same.) Go ahead, try it, we'll wait.

the mechanics of pixel-level resolution are messy in the real world.

Yes, but they still respect the laws of physics in this house.

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