Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

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Re: Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

GaryW wrote:

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Not to minimize others' concerns, but by far the most important question to me is whether the A6000 will do better in low light than the NEX-7. Lenses good enough to take full advantage of the NEX-7 sensor are rare enough, but with them, at low ISO, it's a phenomenal image maker. Above 800 ISO, though, the noise is hard to handle. If I could gain one stop or more of low-light ability with the new camera, I'd buy one and keep the 7 as a second body. - LJ

Even with the older cameras, you might be surprised what you can do from RAW. Carefully balance how much NR to use, and you may feel like you can get another stop out of it. Well, worth looking into. Also, a bit of noise isn't a big deal. Try printing larger and see.

Remarkably, the NEX 6 can be useful even at ISO 3200 for medium sized prints with judicious noise reduction.

BTW, the A6000 is projected to arrive at major U.S. retailers April 23rd.  No doubt there will be answers to many questions within a few days thereafter.

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