What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

John Rausch wrote:

Steam powered next? Wind-up maybe? I don't get it. Seriously, I'm not trolling, I want to know the appeal.

With Fuji cameras, it is not just the retro look.

"retro" comes and goes. The market goes in one direction long enough, old looks new again. People want to look difference and so the retro look a matter of styling.

Retro looking cameras do get you noticed and complimented by non-photographers, so that factor can help break the ice in conversations. Take a look at that FStoppers You Tube video about the Nikon df.

Personally when it comes to the Fuji cameras, the blending of old school features with modern capabilities and a "retro" look to complement everything has proven to be very useful to still photographers. It's about the shooting experience and emphasizing the basics that was all people had back then before automation took over. Using the Fuji-X is a change of pace that points out when the modern DSLR interface can get in your way or can limit how you look at things (i.e., caught in the same rut). However, you still got modern capabilities.

Retro looking Fuji-X cameras has become a way to make Fujifilm's cameras stand out from the competition. They show Fujifilm's abilities to interpret what a segment of photographers want in a camera and in a camera company.

Here's another way to look at it. The earliest SLR I ever used was the first Canon AE-1 followed by an older tilt metering Pentax. Last year I bought a Canon A-1 to try my hand at film again. That's when I realized how much the old Canon SLRs match up with today's cameras. I realize that those Canon A series sucked at manual focusing and were mostly about automatic exposure and shutter/priority modes. I didn't get a lot out of shooting film with manual focus with manual controls using the old Canon A-1. I now understand why Canon reps in an interview would say that Canon doesn't do retro --- at least when you compare Canon cameras from the 70s to today. Using retro camera today doesn't necessarily just using old tech today.

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