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Shotcents wrote:

tkelly11 wrote:

I accidentally posted this on the Nikon lens forum, when I meant to put it here! Oh dear...

In any case, I recently attended a friends wedding in Dublin and decided to take my Df to see how it fared. Thought you might be interested in the results. I was purely there as a guest, but they didn't have an evening photographer so even though there was a fair bit of drink flowing I tried to capture some of the fun of the evening (does focus the mind as I was very conscious of not dropping, damaging, forgetting or losing the camera!).

As expected, there was very little light at times and I loved the fact that you could bump the ISO up to 10,000 or thereabouts and not worry too much. I only had a 50mm 1.8D on the camera which is a lovely combo as it doesn't take up much space and doesn't look too intimidating. I have come from an Olympus EM5 (which i still own) and really love the quality from the Df, whilst the images might not be as 'punchy' in terms of colour, they have a wonderful 3D feel to them.

There are a few parts to it but you can start at the beginning:

Then these ones I really liked, taken about 3 in the morning smoking cigars under a heat lamp:

All thoughts welcome!


Tom, for a moment I thought the images were soft, but then I clicked through and saw they were mostly tack sharp.

I think overall it's a very nice set!


robert, odd i was thinking the exact opposite same thing, but didn't want to comment. many did seem "soft", even when i looked at the actual size. but it didn't matter to me b/c the point of the images was to capture the great moments and not display the df's merits...... it's not like he was there as the "photographer" but as the "guest". i think he did a good job.

i chalked up the softness due to ambient conditions, settings, etc......but it's the moments that were captured that mattered to me, and i was impressed.

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