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Well for me the saying "once bitten, twice shy" applies. I loved my D800 but for the first year, until the firmware update, the AF was really inconsistent ( not left AF; not fast prime issues a la primeshooter ) So I fixed it by buying a D4. After the fiemware update I never quite had the confidence in the 800, so I used the D4 mainly, for BIF. D800 for other stuff. So when I sold the 800 and got the 800e, I stuck with the D4. Tried the e a couple of times, but it's no D4. If I had more time, I'd do some testimg, but my BIF opportunities are limited, so why risk the shot? And I picked up another D700 recently, and that has better AF than the 800/800e so until I get some time to test the e, the 700 will be my second body for BIF.

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I had pretty much the same experience. Today my D800 earns money on a tripod (most of the time) and I do everything else with a Df and some DX gear.

If the D800s comes out I will not be sorry to see my D800 go away and happily trade up to the newer body.

In the meantime, my Df is my everything else camera and the one I have complete faith in. Bring on the D800s!


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