Anyone else want a Stylus 1 minus EVF?

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Re: NO, EVF was one of the major reasons I bought the Stylus1

Michael Meissner wrote:

illissius wrote:

In theory, I like an EVF. I even bought the external one (VF-2) for my XZ-1.

But in everything, there are tradeoffs. With the Stylus 1 these tradeoffs include the effective size of the camera being significantly larger along both its height and depth, by a degree which in my case likely makes the difference between a camera I can take with me everywhere, and one which I probably wouldn't.

As I said in another post, the EVF was one of the 3 major reasons I bought the Stylus1:

The same here. Also VF helps with shooting at 300mm zoom.

  • EVF so I can use the camera in bright sun (and the EVF works with polarized sunglasses, unlike the VF-2 viewfinder)
  • Reasonable zoom range for an all in one camera
  • Being able to fit in a jacket pocket or small belt pouch

Yes, it is a compromise all-in-one camera. I went into the store thinking about the larger super-zooms (Fuji S1 or Olympus SP-100), and went away with the Stylus1, as it ticked off many of the things I wanted in a vacation camera. I have a trip planned to Walt Disney World in May, and I was remembering the last time, lugging two DSLRs to get the range for capturing animals at the Animal Kingdom park.

Is it perfect? Of course not. I would have preferred more zoom, and weather sealing and a cheaper price. But 90% of the shots I have done in the last 12 years are covered by the 28-300mm range, and while I don't like plastic bags, they will suffice for protecting against rain that comes up during the day. For me, it like coming back to the UZI (C-2100UZ) that I shot with as my primary camera for 5 years, with some additional new features.

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