Potential dead horse: how bad is FF's deep DoF disadvantage?

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Re: no disadvantage

sportyaccordy wrote:

bobbarber wrote:

Resolution should not be weighted on dpreview camera reviews.

Why not? Because you say so?

Interesting comment, considering that I explained why, and you quoted my explanation. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the inner workings of a brain that says, "Why, because you say so?"
and then posts the relevant explanation which I offered. It is a sort of piecemeal way of thinking, where little bits and pieces of reality float in and out of consciousness, but the brain has no mechanism for ordering or understanding what it sees. I salute you. I can't believe that your days are easy.

Considered, but not weighted. We are at a point where resolution is so much overkill for what consumers need, that it is essentially a non-factor. Read the article on the summary of the CEO interviews in Japan. 6 Mp is enough for a magazine spread. Now we have the GH4 which will take 8 Mp stills at 24 fps indefinitely. Are you better off with the GH4, or the D800 if you are a photojournalist covering a rally and need to capture a critical moment? Oh right, we still need to fork out thousands of dollars for 30+ Mp cameras, because an anonymous dpreview poster needs to print at 200" x 300" and only a certain camera will do. Give me a break. I bet that not more than 1% of the posters here have printed anything, ever, at more than 13x19", which my C8080 still handles just fine, thank you. The vast vast majority of people don't need more than 12 Mp any more than they need to buy a Hummer to drive to the supermarket.

Resolution has other uses/benefits than making football field sized prints. If 6MP is good for a magazine spread then a 36MP camera has 6x digital zoom. You can crop and thus not need as much glass. It also helps improve low light performance. Also, if you are choosing to make your camera purchases based on what some anonymous DPReview poster says HE needs, how is that the camera manufacturer's fault?

I don't agree with the crop theory. You will not make as good a print of a bird by cropping 1/32 (or whatever) of your full frame sensor, with a wide angle lens attached, as I will by zooming in on the bird with my cheap Canon SX230HS travel zoom, even if your full-frame camera had similar pixel density. For starters, you won't be able to stabilize the image enough to take advantage of the resolution you need.

What's the cause of all your anger? It can't be full frame cameras or high resolution.

No anger, just information and opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and as to the information, apparently you could benefit from it.

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