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bwana wrote:

I think it would be easy for Nikon to use the 24 mp sensor and make a mirror less Nikon version of the sony a7. Faster focussing, better, target lock, improved DR would make it sell like hot cakes. And since their production facilities have been rebuilt since the typhoon that killed the D800 production line, their QC WILL be better. And all my Nikon lenses will just work. Fast.

100% agree.

for a year everyone's been talking about the small form factor being "THE" advantage of mirrorless.

but, I like the idea of on-sensor PDAF (actually combine it with a fast contrast-detect processor and you could have amazing AF) that solves the focus-shift and other focusing issues - and make using MF lenses a bit easier.

there's been rumors that sony has a 4 million dot EVF in the works - if Nikon could get their hands on that, or develop something even better, it could be a game changer.

I know everyone thinks mirrorless suffers from slow AF, but it's just a technology issue and theoretically it makes sense to put the AF on the same plane as the image so you end up with WYSIWYG.  the a6000 appears to have a very competitive AF system.

Similarly, I know everyone thinks EVF sucks compared to the optical quality of OVF.  I don't disagree about the current state of either technology.  But the possibilities of the EVF - have you seen Fuji do the side-by-side: one image is the full image and the 2nd image is zoomed in on the focus area.  I'm not saying every possible feature is something everyone would find useful, but once you get the imaging technology to a usable point, then it's just software to add features and I really think this is where the next generation or two of improvements can come from.

The resolution and dynamic range of the current sensors are amazing and hardly need improvement.  But the AF systems haven't kept up and I think OSPDAF/hybrid could be a solution and the features of a high-quality EVF would add real enhancements.

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