What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

My X100/XP1 give quite a few nods to retro camera functionality in that you can adjust your settings without turning the camera on via marked dials and the large OVF on the left side of the camera that sees outside of your frame-lines. With the dials, I can set my f-stop and shutter speed by feel alone. Something few modern cameras are capable of. The inner-workings are obviously all modern hi-tech, but the interface while having a number of modern updates is still very reminiscent of rangefinders and even SLR's of the past. In some ways they are a step backwards, but in many ways, I prefer the setup. Some people like sticks others like automatics. The viewfinder is not accurate and not efficient. You have to deal with parallax errors, different frame sizes for different lenses... but all of these come with the ability to see outside of your frame allowing you to anticipate subjects as they move into your frame as well as recomposing within your frame. For some, this feature is well worth all the drawbacks.

In terms of looks, it's very retro. If you didn't look at the back, they look exactly like 60's rangefinders. No one can deny their retro style.

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