A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

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dbm305 wrote:

Now it may be that you don't care about the final output, and what you really take photos for is to view them at 100% on screen. In which case you will generally be served best by smaller sensors and high quality lenses. In fact the Olympus with pro lenses will almost certainly reign supreme in that scenario. And if that's what your photography is about then more power to you.

But then instead you could just set up your computer to look at the 36MP files at 50% or so when you zoom in, and they will have similar "zoom" fas 100% from a smaller format, and look better.....

Smearing and mushiness is just too much on the left side and bottom for landscapes, if I were going to shoot at 28mm it would be great, but I am looking for 24mm sharp corner to corner at minimum with AF...

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