How does a lens work to form an image on the camera's sensor...

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The first is a lens puts a negative image (as with film) on the sensor with the top of the subject at the bottom of the image and the right of the subject on the left of the image.

In camera software converts the negative image at the sensor right way up and right way round.

Focal length is tricky.

Modern telephoto lenses have a telephoto construction with the physical length of the lens shorter than the focal length.

This makes them smaller and lighter (which most customers like) with better close up performance, though the trade off is that become less telephoto the closer you focus.

Modern wide angles have to be retro focus designs to allow space for the mirror to lift. Most are longer than their marked focal length. The trade off is they become less wide angle the closer you focus.

What matters most is have you got a good subject in the viewfinder, are you holding the camera steady enough and have you set the aperture to give you appropriate depth of field? These are acquired skills rather than text book reading.

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