K-3 high-ISO test shots — FANTASTIC!

Started Mar 7, 2014 | Discussions thread
John_A_G Veteran Member • Posts: 7,550
Re: K-3 high-ISO test shots — FANTASTIC!

Raj - I think the results look great.  I am not a pixel peeper.  I prefer to judge images based upon size you would normally view/print them.  Obviously if you're used to printing large landscapes things are different.  But, it really is amazing how far sensor technology has come.

You also bring up a good point regarding the auto-ISO.  I think what gets lost in the "which camera is better" debates is concentrating on the features important to YOU.  I personally have no interest in auto-ISO.  It doesn't fit with the way I shoot much.  But you and I are two different people.  I think too many people get caught up in the notion that a camera has to be the best at EVERYTHING.  It doesn't.  It just has to be the best at what the buyer needs it to be, given financial resources.

Very nice shots!  Thanks for sharing.

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