BAD NEWS: 70D center point focus softer than live view at f2.0 & wider.

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Re: BAD NEWS: 70D center point focus softer than live view at f2.0 & wider.

bugbait wrote:

Toby known on YouTube as, CameraRec Toby; has posted a lengthy video with careful analysis of an apparent problem with the 70D when shooting above f2.0 at around 30-40 feet away. Found on several lenses more so than on others and not always correctable after micro adjustments.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube.

Here is the link to his write up.

Not as large an issue for those like myself that will never have more than one or two pieces of fast glass, but will make me research this for those prospective lenses if this is not solves firmware or other methods before then. But for those with several fast lenses, this could be a real problem.

Bad news for who?

By his own admission, the OP hasn't even noticed an "issue" with his own 70D.

Additionally, IMHO the OP's testing methodology is suspect and guaranteed to deliver inconsistent results (doesn't he even have a $6 remote release? Etc Etc).

And his conclusion as to why he hasn't "heard a peep" about this issue anywhere (outside of some obscure German postings), is due to so few shooters here "use fast lenses" AND "never carefully pixel peep?"

How can he characterize an entire world of shooters that way? And use that as a basis for his conclusion?

So I ask why be so inflammatory here? Have you tested your own 70D yet?

Mine has been focusing like a champ over the past 8 months, and with all manner of lenses. In fact, better than any other camera I've ever shot with.

If you are having a problem focusing Bugbait, just post a query here and we can help you.  There are so many variables that go into getting a good clean shot that mussing up a step can in fact be "Bad News."


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