How do you set the aperture on a D800 or D800E?

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In the studio, a locking feature is a must...

or any similar situation where the light will stay the same, the exposure is set optimally, and the camera is handled a lot, vertical and horizontals, in a busy shooting situation.   I used to tape down the aperture ring in the film days just to be sure, as a 1/3 difference in aperture could be problematic with transparencies, 2/3 looked bad and one stop was a disaster.  I often taped down apertures on Nikons as well as on Hasselblads.

The D2 and D3 serie cameras had a dedicated, quick access  Lock button on the left hand top.  This disappeared with the D4, and the function is now only accessible through menus, or you have to dedicate one of the programmable buttons  to Lock function.

BTW, I usually do lock the shutter as well in those situations , and with studio flash, proper shutter sync must be maintained:  you can't afford to knock the shutter from 1/250th to 1/320th can you ?

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