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Re: You mean 25% of the pixels but the same file size?

noirdesir wrote:

D4s manual:
- 14 bit uncompressed raw: 4928 × 3280 -> 33.6 MB
- 12 bit lossless compressed raw: 4928 × 3280 -> 15.4 MB
- 12 bit compressed raw: 4928 × 3280 -> 14.1 MB
- 12 bit small uncompressed raw: 2464×1640 -> 13.1 MB

Reducing the resolution by a factor of four and only saving 7% in file size in the process doesn't sound like a very appealing idea. Except to those having a fear of large numbers. But apparently just because something is physically or mathematically impossible doesn't stop some people for criticising the designers and developers for not doing the physically impossible.


Obviously I would like to have 12 bit small compressed files. So in D800's case 9mp resolution. If that is not possible then forget it.

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