18-55 reconsidered

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Re: 18-55 reconsidered

It's all about sample variation. There are some horrible samples out there, I couldn't believe how blurry the one is, which PentaxForums.com was using in their tests.
But good 18-55 samples are really good! I remember having started photographing a planar target for scientific documentation purposes with my 40mm Limited, but then switched over to my kit (the Version II of 2008), because it gave just better picture quality towards the edges and Corners (mainly because the 18-55 kit lens doesn't seem suffer from curvature-of-field, whereas my Limited prime does (as many primes probably do?)

The kit's sweet spot is around the 24mm mark, where it seems to perform like a prime lens. The wide end (18mm) is quite sample dependent, and the 55mm end is mediocre OOC, but "OK" if given the proper sharpening amount in ACR.

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