How do you set the aperture on a D800 or D800E?

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Re: How do you set the aperture on a D800 or D800E?

W A Stewart wrote:

Sorry if this has been beaten to death. I am just getting used to my D800E (which not surprisingly really impresses me). My setup currently has the front dial changing the aperture. In winter - like now - when I use mittens or gloves, or put the camera in and out of a bag - the dial is easy to move unintentionally. Of course I can see this in the viewfinder but it's still a bit unnerving. Of course the advantage of using that dial for aperture is that it's easy to make the changes when you want to. I wouldn't want an awkward approach in order to solve the inadvertent slippage problem.

So I am asking if other users have found a better setup. Thanks very much.

I don't find this a problem. I have the habit of checking immediately after I lift the camera out of the bag and also in each shot. As a matter of fact, I find this better than the use of aperture dials of the film cameras I used. There was no feedback in the VF at all, so to see the actual aperture I had to lower the camera.

My habits got developed during the film era, where I learned that the aperture dial could easily be knocked to the wrong value and because film was expensive, checking everything before shooting was essential for my wallet. "Chimping" was not an option since digital photography was not invented yet, so you could shoot a whole roll of film, or even more, if you were not careful and ignored checking things. "Chimping" could only be done after developing the film, which of course got ruined if the exposure was wrong. Of course, this does not mean that I never made a mistake, but it is true that I never ruined a full roll due to not checking the aperture, shutter speed and the ASA dials.

I use gloves, but I find the D800 dials very comfortable and don't find locking the dials necessary, quite the opposite, I'd find that very irritating since it would need a push plus rotation every time I'd change the aperture, which is quite often.

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