D800 refresh rumoured

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Re: Better grip?

I'm not necessarily asking for a faster AF, but for a more precise one.

If we can have a higher resolution sensor is entirely up to Sony.

You do have a point with the screen - I think it is about time that we get retina resolution at the back of our cameras at last. So far the only one that offers this is the new sell-your-children MF back from Phase one. But please don't make the screen even larger. Camera ergonomics are already too much dictated by LCD sizes.

However - I'm leaning towards mirrorless for pure landscape application in the meantime. Less size and weight, better focus (sic) on CDAF, wich ultimately is always going to be more precise than PDAF. And crucially: A vastly better choice for lenses via adapters. You can actually merry the formidable Canon 24 TS-E with the D800E's sensor in the body of the A7R, try finding a similarly performing configuration in Nikonland! Problem of course is that the A7R has severe teething troubles, but nothing that couldn't get sorted out in a MkII version.

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