Battery Problem on Nikon D800: major battery drain & flashing green light when turned off!

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Re: Battery Problem on Nikon D800: major battery drain & flashing green light when turned off!

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CGPhoto1 wrote:

I just brought home the Nikon D800 a week ago and have been thoroughly disappointed in the battery life. In about 20 shots a full battery was already depleted to about 80%. I turned off the camera by the next day, the battery was completely dead despite being off.

Was that AFTER you fully charged the battery, or was that directly out of the box? I assume you read the manual, which states that the battery must be charged BEFORE you start using it.

I didn't need the manual to know I needed to fully charge the battery, which I did. I also had two other batteries fully charged and they did the same thing.

I used to be able to get approx. 1,200 shots easy on my D7000 before I felt the need to charge the battery - I could last a weekend trip on one battery easy. The D800 gets about 200-350 before wiping out.

Well, I never tried the limit, but I know I get several hundred shots (5-600) from one fully charged battery with mixed (live view and VR on in some off in some) use. Of course, using the flash drains the battery more, so I have no idea why you get only about 2-300 shots if you have charged the battery fully. Unless of course if you use the flash for every image, in which case I don't believe your D7000 can give you 1,200 either.

I don't use the flash for every shot, maybe 1/3 of the time depending on situation. In cases of flash I nearly always have my Nikon SB-700 flash that's used.

This is very important information to be able to judge maximum number of shots.

I shoot weddings and have done so on my D7000 and only needed to carry a spare battery as a back-up, most of the time never actually using it (and we're talking shooting all day long). I finally upgraded to the Nikon D800 and while I love the shots I'm getting, I'm incredibly nervous with my upcoming weddings that my camera will go "dead" during an important moment... I'm tempted to send the camera back and ask for a replacement as I've tried three different batteries and the drain was terrible with all of them. I'm convinced it's the camera and not the battery/batteries.

Also, I'm not sure this is related, but the camera has a flashing green light in the bottom righthand corner that blinks when in the Off position. I've read it has something to do with the memory card so I switched it multiple times and it still continues to flash (until the camera goes completely dead). Could the poor battery life and blinking green light be related???

Is this indeed a defect or if this is going to be an ongoing issue, what are some remedies for extending the battery life and/or the amount of shots I can get in a session?

Did you actually read the manual? If not, please do. It is really well worth spending some time with it, since it will answer some of your questions and more.

As of the battery, I don't know, I suspect that it was not fully charged or was not a new and original battery. Of course, it can be defect as well, but I doubt that. If I was a pro I'd buy at least two spare batteries (original Nikon) and would use those alternating between the three, always keeping them charged. Contact Nikon if you are not sure about your camera or the battery, but my feeling is that it is you who are not comparing the D7k with the D800 the right way in terms of battery drain. Perhaps you remember the 1,200 images per charge wrongly, and in reality it was half of that, perhaps you have used the cameras differently when you compared them, I don't know.

Olyfler: Appreciate you taking time to respond but please understand I am looking for feedback to move forward with this issue with the experiences I've had thus far and I present my information as accurately/issues as accurately as I can. After some searching on this issue, I am not the only one experiencing similar issues. The battery was fully charged, an original Nikon battery, and, again, I used three of them to test the issue.

This was NOT clear from your OP.

I wish "just reading the manual" would fix the problem, but it hasn't which is why I turned to a community discussion. Of course the manual was the first place I turned to.

...which you also not made clear before. You'd be surprised how many people ignore the manual and just want to be spoon fed. There are also many who open the box and immediately start shooting, NOT bothering about charging the battery. So my comments and questions were NECESSARY clarifications, even if you took them as insults.

Have a great rest of your day and thank you for your participation in this discussion.

Why not call Nikon? It should be pretty clear by now that there is something wrong with your camera. OK, still one or two, pieces of information is missing, for example:

- have you tried with another memory card?

- have you any external gear, like GPS or WIFI adapter connected to the camera?

- are you using Live view?

- do you have black frame noise reduction on?

- are you taking long exposure shots or is this a problem regardless of shutter speed?

- are you using a grip?

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