How does a lens work to form an image on the camera's sensor...

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Re: How does a lens work to form an image on the camera's sensor...

Wow, I am very thankful and impressed with the clarity of your explanation! You very quickly have showed me that the lens does not focus an image on the sensor in one point only...which should be obvious, but was not to me.

I can see by your well layed out diagram, that for example, a tree has elements that are closer and further away from the sensor. Each branch of the tree has a varying distance away from the sensor, and must be recorded on the sensor, but only the parts of the tree that are on one parallel plane from the sensor can be in complete focus, and the parts of the tree that are closer, or further away from that parallel plane of focus must be out of focus to the degree to which their distance varies from this plane of focus. Now I can see the development of the idea of depth of field.

From your diagram, I can imagine how each needle of the tree branch reflects it's own light ray towards the lens, and gets focused by the lens onto one pixel, or photon, of the sensor? 12 megapixel camera has 12 million pixels, or photo receptors, I think, and I can imagine each part of the tree having a designated pixel on the sensor to capture the image of the tree as a whole.

I know this can become a larger discussion.

Anyways, if you would be willing to write more on this topic, I would be very very keen to learn more.

Thankyou, 57 even,  for the time you have taken to post these diagrams and explain them!

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